Oasis Village, Cobram

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“My husband and I first came to Cobram at the end of 2006. All the gardens were well attended and the atmosphere is good. We also liked the town as there are plenty of shops and cafes, including friendly people. The owners of the village (Libro & Mac Mustica) are very friendly and honest. There are not many rules just mostly common sense. We found the weather great and we were really happy we made the move. We have made so many new friends with heaps to do with lots of activities such as indoor bowls, crafts, cards, happy hour, our own cinema as well as more activities. Life is good in our nice little village and we now lead a very busy and happy lifestyle. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else”

Brenda Clarke

Giving seniors freedom and independence they desire.

Oasis Village is set in a beautiful, serene and friendly landscaped environment just 2 kilometres from the Cobram town centre.

With 180 homes and over 300 residents, Oasis gives seniors the freedom and independence they desire at an affordable price​

Our Facilities include: Pool, recreational hall with gym equipment, library, tennis court, walking tracks and public transport.

Oasis Village is at full capacity
Listings are available through local real estate agents.

No entry or exit fees

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    Oasis Village

    Oasis Village gives seniors the freedom and independence they desire in their retirement years.

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    Oasis is a family run business and has provided hundreds of jobs throughout Cobram and its surroundings and continues to support many local businesses and the senior community.